Our Process

When you are considering building a new home there are several things that need to be considered. I like to use these steps.

  1. Visit with a lender and find out what you are qualified to borrow.
  2. Then decide what you are comfortable with for a budget.
  3. Then find the lot. (you may already have property or a lot)
  4. Then work on a plan to fit the lot and your budget.
  5. Then it is our job to help get you the plan that fits your needs, lot and budget.

I always encourage people to start looking plans and get a idea of what you like. My reason for designing the plan one of the last things because you might have the perfect plan and then find a lot that you like and it does not fit. So work on ideas for the plan but don't spend money until the budget and lot are established. It is a process that I enjoy helping people work on.